Transparent Led Display Outdoor TD20D

Transparent Led Display Outdoor TD20D DIP346 IP67 standards.

  1. General Details

    Transparent Led Display Outdoor TD20D

    – Super light and Slim, about 10-15kg/sqm, cost & labor saving
    – High transparency ration: 20% to 80% transparency ratio
    – Fast heat dissipation and IP for all-weather
    – Faster installation, 20s for cabinet connection
    – Availiable for both rear and front service
    – Fool-proofing design
    – Heavy wind resistance
    – DIP lamps stable for outdoor application

  2. Technical information
    Product Model TD20D
    Horizontal Pixel Pitch (mm)                                       Vertical  Pixel Pitch (mm) 20mm
    Application Outdoor
    Pixel Configuration DIP346
    Pixel Density(dots/㎡) 2500
    Cabinet Size (mm) 500(W) x 1000(H)
    Pixel Density / Cabinet (dots) 1250
    Resolution /  Cabinet (dots) 25(W)x50(H)
    Gray Scale (Bit) 14
    Brightness(CD/㎡) ≥7000cd
    Contrast 1:1600
    Color temperature 6500-9300k
    Brightness adjustment 0-255
    Horizontal viewing angle(°)
    Vertical viewing angle(°)
    Optimal viewing distance(M) 20-400
    Max Power Consumption(W/㎡) 400
    Average Power Consumption(W/㎡) 120
    Weight/ cabinet (kg/pcs) 9,0
    Weight/ sqm (kg/㎡) 18,0
    Frame Weight (kg/㎡) 8,0
    Cabinet Thickness (cm) 6.7
    Frame Thickness (cm) 6.0
    Installation Thickness (cm) 12,7
    LED Strips Width(mm) 9,8
    LED Strips Materials Aluminum
    Transparent  Rate (%) 50%
    Frame Frequency(Hz) 60
    Pixel Failure Rate <1/10000
    Data Interface DVI/HDMI
    Control Mode Synchronous    /  Asynchronous control
    Drive mode Constant current, static
    Input Voltage AC85-250 V
    Life Span ≥100000 hours
    Cooling Way structure-enhanced, natural convectio
    IP Grade (Front and Rear)  IP67   / IP67
    Working Temperature (℃) -35 ~+80°C
    Storage Temperature(℃) -55 ~ +120°C
    Working Humidity(RH) 10–90%RH
    Frame material Steel Sheet
    Maintenance Speed 10S/ Cabinet
    Maintenance type Front/Back
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