Totem Led Display

Totem Led Display

We use professional led panels in our high quality totem led displays, our led panels are produced specially for our company according to the harsh weather conditions. Totem LED display cabinets are fully professional led display cabinets.

Features of our Totem Led Screens;

  • Our Totem Led Display cassettes are manufactured from 60X60X30mm box profile using gas welding.
  • The power sources we use in our Totem Led Displays are high quality products with double fans.
  • There are 2 air vents at the bottom of our Totem Led Screens.
  • There is one thermostat industrial fan in our Led Display Totems.
  • There is a cat ladder in the cassette of our Totem Screen and there is a comfortable movement area in the totem.
  • The exterior of the Totem Led Display cassette is coated with 0,40mm Saray brand composite.
  • Totem Led Display cassette has led lighting.
  • Totem Led Display is a ladder inside the leg and the outside is covered with composite.
  • Totem Led Display has 1 sliding door to enter.
  • There is one electrical panel in the Led Display cassette.
Totem Led Display TP10

Totem Led Display TP10 IP65 standards are produced.

Totem Led Display TP8

Totem Led Display TP8 IP65 standards are produced.

Totem Led Display TP6

Totem Led Display TP6 IP65 standards are produced.

Totem Led Display TP5

Totem Led Display TP5 IP65 standards are produced.


Our company with 12 years history about led display technologies, led systems in the field of led display, marquee, information boards etc. electronic equipment is located in the product portfolio of our company.

We are also producing quick solutions for the design of these products.

By continuously improving the quality of our products and services, doing market research and R & D studies, we offer our projects at the right time to satisfy our customers with the right technical infrastructure.