DMX Wallwasher WXD28-03 48 pcs single / 12W、48pcs RGBW/15W IP66 standards.

  1. General Details

    DMX Wallwasher is mainly used to illuminate and change the exterior of buildings or building-style areas. There are many technical areas in this use. These technical areas can be used according to the width of the area.

    These products, which are extremely efficient in terms of use, are advantageous. These products provide a great advantage. A lot of images are taken care of. It has made a huge difference to its unique features.

  2. Technical information
    Model WXD28-03
    Size L1000*W28*H78mm
    Led Chip Cree/Osram
    LED Source Spec CLQ6/2835
    Color Temperature single color/ RGB
    Beam Angle/Lens 120°
    Body Material Aviation level Aluminium
    Cover Material Tempered and Frosted Glass
    IP Rating IP66 Full Structure Waterproof
    Lamp Power 48 pcs single/12W、48pcsRGBW/15W
    Lamp Efficiency 85%
    Input Voltage DC 24V
    Luminous efficiency 75LM/W ( White Color Standard)
    Pixels ON-OFF OR 8 PIXEL
    Irradiation Angle Optional installation
    Working Temperature -30°C – +35°C
    Accessories Installation Clip
    Cable Outlet Cable Outlet
    Series Quantity Continuous 10
    Control System DMX512
    Net Weight 1.5KG
    Certification GB7000.1-2015 / GB7000.201-2008
    Rubber Cable Spec 5Cores(power cable1mm² signal cable0.3mm²)
    Waterproof Connector diameter 16mm Aluminium alloy
    Connector diameter 1.5mm Gold-plated solid pins
    Cable Length 150mm
    Mounting Bracket 304 Stainless Steel
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