Video Processor LVP 300

  1. General Details

    Video Processor LVP 300

    1.Faroudja® Real Color®True color image processing,,Faroudja® DCDI interlacing video processing,Faroudja® TureLife™video enhancement
    2. Three custom dual screen mode, a key switch between modes, arbitrary PIP (PIP / PBP) display.
    3.Seamless switch, fade in and fade out switch.
    4.Switching mode:One key switch and preselection+Take switch
    5.Support menu in five languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish and Korean
    6.A variety of control methods: panel buttons, computer software, flexible and convenient operation.
    7.A pc of sending cards can be built in.
    8. 24/7 applications, high reliability, stability

    For more information about the product, download the LVP300 documentation.

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