Video Processor LedSync850M

Video Processor LedSync850M

  1. General Details

    Video Processor LedSync850M

    1. The latest broadcast video processing technology brings clearer and more fluent images,
    more brilliant colors and more vivid scenes
    2. 10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing
    3. New Faroudja® Real Color®
    4. Built-in HD multi-media player, USB2.0, video and image playing by USB supported
    5. Online real-time VOD through Wi-Fi supported
    6. DVI is HDMI 1.3a ( with HDCP ) compatible, HD 1080P input
    7. Seamless switching or Fade-in / Fade-out between three groups of input signals ( Video,
    VGA, DVI / USB )
    8. Maximum output resolution of single unit: 1920 x 1080
    9. Switching 4 input signals ( 1 x video, 1 x VGA, 1 x DVI, 1 x USB ) by one key
    10. USB HD multi-media player supports stereo audio output
    11. Easy setup and adjustment through knob and keys on the panel, Full-design USB protocol for
    operating and setting 12. Convenient operation, compact structure and easy carrying
    13. One sending card built-in ability and the structure design is compatible with most of sending
    cards available on the market
    14. 24 / 7 application, high reliability and stability

    For more information about the product, download the LedSync850M documentation.

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