Poster P1,25 Led Display

Poster P1,25 Led Display SMD 1010 607 mm X 1.708 mm dimensions and IP34 standards at 150X168.75 Pixel / module.

  1. General Details

    Poster P1,25 Led Screens are simple and easier than spending a lot of time replacing the old print poster type and ad print. Poster Led Screens are being used actively in shopping malls, shops, restaurants and companies.

    Sönmez Led Poster With LED Displays, it makes advertising change very easy, just create and send a list in your computer software. It is possible to control hundreds of different posters. In addition, an advertising program on Poster Led Displays is easy to report and export from a PC software.

  2. Technical information
    Model Poster 125
    Pixels Pitch 1.25
    Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
    Pixel Configuration SMD1010
    Module size(mm) 150 (L) X 168.75 (H)
    Module Pixel Configuration 120X135
    Driving Mode constant current
    Horizontal Viewing Angel(Deg) 140
    Vertical Viewing Angel(Deg) 140
    Screen Size(mm) 620 (L) X 1707.5 (H)
    Screen Configuration(dots) 480X1350
    Cabinet Thickness(mm) 38
    Cabinet weight(Kg) 27
    Cabinet Material Die-casting Aluminum
    Brightness(cd/m2) 600
    Control Mode Synchronous
    Gray Scale 14~18bit
    Display Colors(M) 16.7
    Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥3840
    Input Voltage 96~264VAC
    Max Power Consumption(by screen) 750
    Ave Power Consumption(by screen) 225
    Protection Level IP34
    Application Indoor
    Working Temperature(℃) -30~ +60
    Working Humidity(RH) 10%~85%
    Wireless Control WIFI,4G,USB
    Video & Picture Format RM,FLV,AVI,MP4 etc., JPG,PNG
    Support Control Devices Mobile phone, Pad, PC
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