Curtain Flexible Led Display S8

Curtain Flexible Led display S83 SMD 3535 IP66 standards.

  1. General Details

    Flexible Curtain Led Display S8, is a flexible led display type, Ultra flexible design makes it freely curved to achieve creative shapes such as arch, circle, wave and customized size available. Flexible Curtain Led Screen S8 with 70% transparency rate is the right choice for creating perfect visual effect.

    Fast inter-panel locks make it easy to install and remove large-scale displays, no tools required. Fast connection is made with Sonmez LED Flexible Curtain Led Screen S8 by using two binders at the bottom. Flexible Curtain Led Display can be used to reveal various creative ideas with S8. Flexible Curtain Led Screen S8 all waterproof panels are used on the screen.

  2. Technical information
    Model S8
    Pixel Pitch 37.5mm / 56.25mm / 75mm (pixel pitch can be customized)
    Pixel Configuration 8XSMD3535
    Panel Size 0.3m x 4.8m / 0.45m x 7.2m / 0.6m x 9.6m  (Size can be customized)
    0.98′ x  15.75′ / 1.48′ x 23.62′ / 1.97′ x 31.50′
    Panel Resolution 8×128 pixels
    Panel Weight 10.5 kg/sqm;  5.5 kg/sqm; 3.5 kg/sqm
    23.1 lbs/sqm; 12.1 lbs/sqm; 7.7 lbs/sqm
    Brightness 9600nits/ 4500nits /3600nits  (Nationstar SMD3535)
    IP Rating(Front/Rear) IP66
    Refresh Rate 1000 – 3000 Hz
    Transparency Rate 55% / 75% / 85%
    Scan Mode Static
    Max Power Consumption 800 W/sqm; 500 W/sqm ; 350 W/sqm
    Cabinet Material Die-casting Aluminum
    Color Processing 16 bit
    Viewing Angle(H/V) 140°/110°
    Operating Temperature -40~45°C
    Main Power Source AC 100~240V; 50/60Hz
    Input Voltage 15V DC
    Humidity 10~90%RH
    Life Time 100,000 Hours
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  4. Application Video

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