Giresun Bulancak Pier
Sonmez Architectural Lighting LED screen which is the longest pier in Giresun, Turkey’s first pier was made in 1953 to 272 mt, 190 mt after the road it has been filled with contemporary conditions.

Turkey’s oldest and longest pier to give the value it deserves to which we have signed a working pier Giresun Bulancak yet so far.

Our company for many projects throughout Turkey signed the designer scaffold with the Mighty lion’s reveal yet so far; 40 5 mt lighting mast can be controlled inner and outer lines resistant to seawater DMX LED products with 5×5 mt measure with 3,350 pieces 3D wholesale composed Cube in at 300 metric tons in its field with DMX LED products used under the railing Turkey and policy in Europe We are proud to sign.

Project date: 27.03.2019

Lighting Technology: 1.400 mt DMX Linear Led, 3.350 DMX Pixel 3D Ball, Madrix Pro

Project Application: Sönmez Led Ekran & Mimari Aydınlatma

Project Design: izzet ALSAN


Our company with 12 years history about led display technologies, led systems in the field of led display, marquee, information boards etc. electronic equipment is located in the product portfolio of our company.

We are also producing quick solutions for the design of these products.

By continuously improving the quality of our products and services, doing market research and R & D studies, we offer our projects at the right time to satisfy our customers with the right technical infrastructure.