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In 2007, our company has started to design and implement extraordinary lighting in order to add aesthetics to architectural structure in high-rise buildings, shopping malls and entertainment centers. Our lighting designs do not only add aesthetics to architectural projects but also make themselves different from the surrounding buildings. Our DMX Linear Lighting products are manufactured to be compatible with the lines of the architectural structure and used for different purposes. In our buildings, DMX Pixel lighting series products are used to enlarge building facades, to increase the resolution and to impress people with visual effects. On the other hand, DMX Wallwasher and DMX flood lighting products give life to the monotonous facades by color

Sönmez Led 2018 Led Display and Facade Lighting Review the products in the catalog.

Digital LED Billboard Technicial Specifications

One of the most effective products for Outdoor Advertising is Digital Led Billboards.

  1. 1
    Led Display Location Determination

    Led Screen Locator is very important. The positioning of the LED display, the importance of sunlight in the determination of the area and the correct adjustment of the angle of view are of great importance.

  2. 2
    Choosing Led Display Module

    It is very important to determine the product to be used for Led Display. Depending on the field of view and location of the display, a correct display module is selected for light intensity and resolution.

  3. 3
    Led Display Size Detection

    It is one of the most important steps to determine the size of the LED display. The correct screen measurements in the correct position will give successful results.

  4. 4
    Design Example and Preview

    After the pre-made screen made for the Led Screen, it should be determined how the screen will appear by designing the computer environment.

  5. 5
    Professional Production

    Led Display products must be professional. The results are not good when the professional product is not used. Professional Inspect our outdoor and indoor led screens.

Digital LED Billboard Screen



Professional Led Display Module products. Contact us for your projects. With our professional team, we provide your problems in the shortest possible time.

Indoor P2,5 Led Display Module

Indoor P2,5 Led Display Module SMD 2121 160 mm X 160 mm dimensions and IP43 standards at 64X64 Pixel / module.

Outdoor P4 Led Display Module

Outdoor P4 Led Display Module 192 mm X 192 mm dimensions and IP65 standards at 64X32 Pixel / module.

Poster P1,25 Led Display

Poster P1,25 Led Display SMD 1010 607 mm X 1.708 mm dimensions and IP34 standards at 150X168.75 Pixel / module.

Curtain Flexible Led display S1

Curtain Flexible Led display S1 SMD 3535 IP66 standards.

Transparent Led Display Indoor T1

Transparent Led Display Indoor T1 SMD 2121 IP43 standards.

Totem Led Display TP10

Totem Led Display TP10 IP65 standards are produced.

HD-A3 Led Display Control Card

HD-A3 Led Display Control Card

NOVASTAR MSD300 Led Display Control Card

NOVASTAR MSD300 Led Display Control Card

3D Hologram Led Fan

The eye-catching 3D Hologram fans for wall mounted displays are created by a spinning fan with integrated LED lights flashing at various intervals to create floating 3D holograms. The 3D animated effects ensures that it attracts attention and has an impact on consumer behaviour. The 3D hologram fans can also be placed inside a custom casing for additional protection.

Content can be created or converted by Display Innovations Content can be updated by SD Card or remote access via WIFI Mains powered

3D Hologram Led Fan HLG42

3D Hologram HLG42 420mm 224PCs

Architectural Led Lighting – Facade

Architectural Led Lighting – Facade Specification

New generation lighting technique Important information you need to know about Architectural Led Lighting.

  1. 1
    Architectural Analysis

    Architecture is one of the most important stages of LED lighting, architectural structure analysis. In order for the project to show itself, it is necessary to reveal the architectural character.

  2. 2
    Architectural Building Environment Status

    Architectural Building Setting the ambient condition is the first rule of lighting. For correct lighting, the architectural structure must be examined and reported before the design.

  3. 3
    Design and Animation Preparations

    Design and Animation Preparations are the stage after the architectural structure has been determined, the lighting technique is the part before the product selection and the design process is a very demanding process.

  4. 4
    Product Selection

    Product selection Depending on the design of architectural lighting. Our Professional Architectural Led Lighting Products can be used in all designs as they have field experience.

  5. 5
    Production and Assembly

    Production and installation of our professional products are carried out by our expert team.



Professional Architecture Led Lighting products. Contact us for your projects. We respond to your problems with our professional team as soon as possible.

WXL80-03 Wallwasher

DMX Wallwasher WXL80-03 180W IP67 standards.

LTD25-02 Linear

DMX Linear LTD25-02 48 LED Single Color / 12W, 48 pcs RGBW / 15W IP66 standards.

DMX Flood Lighting YFA10-04

DMX Flood Lighting YFA10-04 24W IP66 standards.

DMX Smart Pixel SP4201

DMX Smart Pixel SP4201 RGB 1,5W IP67 standards.


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