DMX Wallwasher Lighting

DMX Wallwasher Lighting

DMX Wallwasher is mainly used to illuminate and change the exterior of buildings or building-style areas. There are many technical areas in this use. These technical areas can be used according to the width of the area.

WXC20-03 Wallwasher

DMX Wallwasher WXC20-03 48 pcs single / 12W、48pcs RGBW/15W IP66 standards.

WXC25-03 Wallwasher

DMX Wallwasher WXC25-03 48 pcs single / 12W、48pcs RGBW/15W IP66 standards.

WXD28-03 Wallwasher

DMX Wallwasher WXD28-03 48 pcs single / 12W、48pcs RGBW/15W IP66 standards.

WXD30-03 Wallwasher

DMX Wallwasher WXD30-03 18W/24W IP66 IP66 standards.

WXD38-03 Wallwasher

DMX Wallwasher WXD38-03 36W/48W IP66 IP66 standards.

WXL59-03 Wallwasher

DMX Wallwasher WXL59-03 48W IP68 standards.

WXL60-03 Wallwasher

DMX Wallwasher WXL60-03 120W IP67 standards.

WXL70-03 Wallwasher

DMX Wallwasher WXL70-03 150W IP67 standards.

WXL80-03 Wallwasher

DMX Wallwasher WXL80-03 180W IP67 standards.


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