Sönmez Led Display & Architectural Lighting

Sönmez Led Technologies was founded by Uğur Sönmez in 2007 and produces fast and economical solutions for the domestic and foreign corporate identity projects both in domestic and foreign applications of the world’s famous brands. A significant portion of the customer portfolio is composed of public companies, banks, hotels, shopping malls, automotive companies and textile chain stores.

Sönmez Led

Sönmez Led Display & Architectural Facade Led Lighting The design, projecting and selection of appropriate and economical material selection of technical details, prototyping, production, production, assembly, assembly and service of the staff of the architect, engineer, designer and each one with its own certified experts to serve our valued customers.

For more than 10 years, it has implemented its work with the understanding based on customer satisfaction and realized its development with the power of this satisfaction. We have always worked with your wish and wish to see you in our satisfied customer portfolio.
In 2007, our company has started to design and implement extraordinary lighting in order to add aesthetics to architectural structure in high-rise buildings, shopping malls and entertainment centers. Our lighting designs do not only add aesthetics to architectural projects but also make themselves different from the surrounding buildings. Our DMX Linear Lighting products are manufactured to be compatible with the lines of the architectural structure and used for different purposes. In our buildings, DMX pixel lighting series products are used to enlarge building facades, to increase the resolution and to impress people with visual effects. On the other hand, DMX wallwasher and DMX flood lighting products give life to the monotonous facades by color

Our Mission

As in today, we aim to overcome the expectations of our national and international customers with the trust and support of our national and international customers. We are aware that the cost of all kinds of poor quality is wasted. Honesty, diligence and respect for time are our indispensable principle.

Our Vision

Investing in strong technical capacity and knowledge; health, safety and environmental factors without compromising on the fast economic and quality solutions to customers in the industry is a leader in the world.

Quqlity Policy

We aim to continuously improve the expectations of our national and international customers through their trust and support.
Honesty, diligence, time is our indispensable principle. By considering all the requirements of the outdoor advertising industry, we will improve our policy by continuously reviewing all our employees with a risk-oriented approach. We are aware that every kind of poor quality is wasted.
We believe that we will achieve our progress with the continuous development and active participation of our employees.

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Our company with 12 years history about led display technologies, led systems in the field of led display, marquee, information boards etc. electronic equipment is located in the product portfolio of our company.

We are also producing quick solutions for the design of these products.

By continuously improving the quality of our products and services, doing market research and R & D studies, we offer our projects at the right time to satisfy our customers with the right technical infrastructure.